Why should I see a Physiatrist for a work related injury?

Using a Physical Medicine physician as the initial provider to treat work related injuries is beneficial for both the employer and the injured worker.  The majority of work injuries are non-surgical, and having a physician who specializes in comprehensive conservative treatment allows for a diagnosis specific treatment plan that facilitates quick recovery and prompt return to the workplace.

Communication with employers and insurance companies is consistent, with specific work restrictions addressed at each visit.  Once the injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), a permanent partial impairment (PPI) rating is provided, based upon the AMA Guidelines.

How can Dr. Reecer help with a work injury?

Dr. Reecer has over 20 years of experience treating injuries that occur in the workplace.  Referrals are from employers, insurance companies, occupational medicine clinics and also the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board.


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