We believe no one should have to live with pain. So restoring patients to an active, pain-free lifestyle is what we do. And because a referral isn't required, make us your first call!

Areas of Specialty

Non-surgical Care and Services

  • Pain Management
  • Spinal Injections
  • Joint and Muscle Injections
  • EMG/Nerve Conduction Testing
  • PPI Ratings
  • Independent Medical Exams
  • Medical File Reviews

The Treatment

  • Emphasis on muscle, joint and spine related disorders
  • Conservative approach to treatment and pain management
  • Use state of the art diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation techniques to alleviate acute and chronic pain – without surgery
  • We treat a wide range of spine, nerve, muscle and joint disorders

Work Related Injuries

We all know that getting back to work after an injury takes time. It’s our job to see that it takes less time. Using a comprehensive, nonsurgical approach to pain management, Dr. Reecer stresses continuity of care and personally sees to each patient.

A less personal approach to a work-related injury can mean multiple doctors, conflicting advice and limited communication with the employer — all of which can lead to a longer recovery time and a less efficient workplace. Doing the right thing for employees and for business are not mutually exclusive goals. At least they don’t have to be.