DISCSEEL: Revolutionary Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain

Back pain is the most common cause of missed work and the second most common reason for physician visits in the United States.  The estimated cost for treatment of back pain is over $100 billion annually.  Most issues with low back pain typically resolve with time, medications, activity modification, physical therapy and epidural steroid injections.  For patients with chronic pain originating from the disc that does not resolve with conservative treatment, patients are often given the choice of living with the pain or undergoing surgical treatment with potentially devastating irreversible outcomes.  Spine surgeons frequently offer a fusion which involves placing rods, screws and often cages in the spine.  Outcome studies have demonstrated a 51% success rate in one level fusions, with these patients having a one in five chance of another surgery within 4 years.  In the workers’ compensation setting, 64% of patients remain disabled at 2 years.  Fortunately for patients there is an innovative technology that has been developed by Dr. Kevin Pauza for treatment of chronic lumbar disc pain.  Discseel is an outpatient procedure utilizing a needle to inject fibrin (a protein our bodies form to heal injury) into the wall of the disc.  The fibrin that is injected seals the tears in the degenerating disc, restores height, and over time regenerates the disc as the fibrin transitions to normal disc material.  Initial results with patients with a mean duration of pain over 8 years demonstrate a 70% reduction in pain and no complications.  Dr. Reecer is one of 14 physicians in the country that has been selected, trained by Dr. Pauza, and licensed by Discseel Technologies that can legally perform this procedure.  Go to Discseel.com or contact Dr. Mark Reecer at Fort Wayne Physical Medicine for more information and to determine if you are a candidate. (Articles and data supporting statements in this article will be provided upon request)

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