What is an EMG?

An Electromyography, or EMG is a diagnostic test used to evaluate nerve and muscle function in the arms and legs.  

There are typically two parts to the test:

  1. The Nerve Conduction Study uses electrodes on the skin to measure the speed and size of signals traveling between two points.  
  2. The needle EMG uses a needle electrode that is inserted directly into the muscle to record electrical activity.  

An EMG can be mildly unpleasant, however there are no significant risks or side effects from the test.  Results are usually back to the referring doctor within 24-48 hours.  

How do I know if an EMG is necessary?

This test may be recommended and ordered by your health care professional for symptoms such as numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and arm or leg pain.  

How can Fort Wayne Physical Medicine use an EMG to help me?

An EMG can diagnose common conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy from causes such as diabetes, or pinched nerves in the neck or back.  


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