What happens when I have a problem with my Sciatic Nerve?

Sciatica is a reference to pain that radiates in the distribution of the sciatic nerve.  The nerve originates in the lower back then travels through the buttock and down the leg.  This is most commonly associated with a disc herniation or compression from a bone spur.  The nerve becomes inflamed, causing pain and numbness.

How do I know if I have Sciatic Nerve problems?

The pain can vary from a mild ache to a sharp, stabbing discomfort.  Nerve symptoms can also include burning, stinging or pins and needles.  Depending on severity, there may also be associated weakness.

How can Fort Wayne Physical Medicine help?

The majority of cases resolve with conservative treatment including medications, physical therapy, activity modification, and possibly epidural injections.  Testing can include X-rays or MRI, but these tests are not usually ordered immediately.  Often, treatment is started and diagnostic studies are done only if symptoms have not improved sufficiently.  In approximately 20% of cases symptoms do not improve and at that time surgery can be considered.


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    I am a very physical individual and my occupation requires me to be this way. I pinched a nerve in my spine and could not do anything to manage the severe pain. Dr. Reecer performed the first nerve block injection and I felt as if I could run laps around his building. I truly believe this is a wonderful alternative to surgery.

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    Dr. Reecer makes me very comfortable about doing a procedure on me considering I have known him for many years. He is just the best!