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  • 66 year old female, Wabash, IN

    "This group of folks are the best treatment team. They have been through the best and worst of times of chronic pain for me. They are compassionate, caring, and remain to be the best in their field of medicine for me over the last 10 years. Julie has been very knowledgable and current in my treatment. Dr. Reecer also has been caring and very skilled in current medical treatment of chronic pain. They all deserve top honors in my care. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You all are the best!"

  • 51 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    Here's what a patient has to say about receiving BioTe (All-natural Hormone Replacement Therapy) from Dr. Reecer: The energy from the Doctor and staff is amazing, just how you want to feel going in for the first time. I cannot wait to feel the improvement of BioTe!

  • 76 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    Dr. Reecer takes time to explain everything to you, and gives you the choice of therapy being truthful and direct. I am very satisfied with his service! I would like to thank the office staff, Jenni R.- nurse, Lauren- receptionist, and Paula who reminds you of your appointments, and Julie Risley, PA. The staff is wonderful and friendly and does everything they can to make you feel welcome. The office is very clean and bright. Thank you all for being you! M.S.

  • Discseel Articel 2018

    Discseel Article 2018

  • 46 year old female, Greenville, OH

    This place is awesome! The Dr. is always on time. The staff and Dr. Reecer are super friendly! I would recommend anyone to come here! J.A.

  • 53 year old male, Fort Wayne, IN

    FWPM has done a wonderful job with us for 12 years. God bless you all!

  • 48 year old male, Warren, IN

    I was here in November 2017 and again February 13, 2018. Both times the staff was very helpful and courteous. The doctor (Dr. Reecer) was very professional and informative. Very pleased all around!

  • 52 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I moved back to Fort Wayne after being away for 20 years. The last two years I have been receiving BHT (BioIdentical Hormone Therapy). I was anxious to find a doctor and facility here in Fort Wayne that I could trust and that would understand my individual needs. The folks I spoke to on the phone were friendly, thorough, respectful, and genuinely caring about me. Dr. Reecer was so attentive and knowledgable, I felt comfortable and fortunate to have found Fort Wayne Physical Medicine. All of my needs have been met. I started feeling like a person almost immediately after my pellet insertion. I am so thankful for FWPM and the amazing professionals that work there! 

  • 59 year old female, Winona Lake, IN

    Testimonial from one of our BioTE patients:  After going through menopause, my anxiety level increased very significantly. I have suffered from acute depression and anxiety for 35 years. This treatment has been a lifesaver for me! I am now able to sleep, and my anxiety is controlled. Hot flashes are gone, as well as an increase in libido, and no more intimate moisture issues.

  • 49 year old female, Lagrange, IN

    Amazing office staff!  Dr. Reecer took all the time I needed to understand. Thank you all so much.

  • 29 year old male, Battle Creek, MI

    Great Doctors office!  Very friendly staff and good vibes all the way around!!!

  • 63 year old female, Bryan, OH

    I was so pleasantly surprised by the friendly and down to earth staff. Everyone is so nice. I was nervous coming here, but was immediately at ease. Very satisfied with my visit.

  • 53 year old female, Coldwater, MI

    Staff is very nice and efficient!

  • 52 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I have had Hormone Replacement Therapy for many years, previously in Southern California. I was nervous moving back to Fort Wayne and finding someone to help me with this sensitive process here. I am thrilled with Dr. Reecer and his staff - with the expertise and care I receive here! Thank you so very much!

  • 34 year old male, New Haven, IN

    I have been under the care of Fort Wayne Physical Medicine two times due to accidents. The care I have received is "Always the Best," from all staff members. I would recommend Fort Wayne Physical Medicine to anyone. This is a place that makes you feel you are truly a part of their family. Thanks again!

  • 60 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I am always treated kindly and with smiles. I very rarely have to wait to be taken to the exam room. Staff- Julie, Billie, Jenny P., Jenni R., and of course Dr Reecer are amazing! Staff in the past were just the same as above. I always get a call back same day. Office is relaxing and has current magazines! Julie always takes all the time with me I need, and remembers my family. She also explains medical issues completely, and again, answers all my questions with exceeding knowledge, and is very patient! Overall, this team is fantastic. I truly have zero complaints! From the moment I arrive to the moment I leave-only EXCELLENCE!!!

  • 50 year old male, South Whitley, IN

    I have been a patient of Ft. Wayne Physical Medicine for over 10 years. It is the best pain management assistance I have received. The doctor is very observant, asks all the proper questions and is very informative. They are very concerned about my pain relief and very friendly. He knows how to treat the pain with knowledge, experience and care.

    Dr. Reecer- He is the best pain management doctor available!

  • 57 year old female, North Webster, IN

    Always friendly. Doctors are attentive and caring.

  • 35 year old male, Muncie, IN

    Very nice, answers all my questions. Hardly any wait time, if at all. I like the Dr. and staff here. Thank you for all your help!

  • 68 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    The staff is friendly and sincere. Julie really listens and responds to my pain and concerns. Dr. Reecer is good at reducing my pain.

  • 56 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I have been a patient for a very long time. Dr. Reecer is wonderful, Julie is great. I love the whole staff! Very understanding and helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else!  ALL ARE GREAT!

  • 41 year old female, Lagrange, IN

    (BioTE pellets) helps extremely with mood, joint pain, and libido. It makes me feel like a new person. Wouldn't live without them at this point!

  • Congratulations Fort Wayne Physical Medicine!

    Congratulations to Fort Wayne Physical Medicine on 15 years in practice!!

  • 42 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    The care I have had here is first rate. I can always get in for appointments quickly, and concerns are always addressed immediately. Julie is fantastic! Very knowledgable and honest. Of all the specialists I have seen, by far, this is the best!

  • 31 year old male, Fort Wayne, IN

    Wonderful Staff

  • 62 year old female, Wabash, IN

    Very kind and considerate. Appointments are on time. Staff, Julie and Dr. Reecer are very compassionate. I have been seeing them for pain management services for almost seven years. I plan to continue with them for chronic issues due to a car crash. I certainly do not desire to change from them to any other M.D.  I believe they have provided me with the best possible treatment. Extremely knowledgable and current with meds and other treatments.

  • 35 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I have been coming to Fort Wayne Physical Medicine for 2 years for a back injury. Dr. Reecer and Julie have been amazing at helping me with pain management and getting my back to a much better condition. The office staff is also great to work with. I have recommended Dr. Reecer several times and will continue to for anyone who might need them.

    I love this office and the support they provide me with!

  • 45 year old female, Columbia City, IN

    I have benefited tremendously from BioTE. It has helped me in ways I didn't even expect to benefit from!

  • 55 year old female, Franklin, IN

    I was skeptical about trying the BioTE pellets. I figured it was "too good to be true". I figured I'd give it 2 tries (6 months). After the first injection I was sold! The changes were dramatic. The biggest changes were better sleep, no hot flashes, no night sweats, my regular headaches were gone, joint aches were gone, weight loss, increased libido, and an overall well-being. Because of feeling better, I had an overall better attitude and frame of mind. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering needlessly with any of these symptoms.

  • 34 year old male, Warsaw, IN

    Zero complaints. Never had a long wait. Polite, informful doctor and nurses.

  • 39 year old female, Huntington, IN

    The Hormone replacement has helped with my mental health and energy. I feel more energetic. I now have a sex life. Hormones help with everything!

  • 26 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    No complaints, always helped when needed. Never a wait. Helped get pain under control. Friendly staff, very professional. Would recommend to others.

  • 52 year old female, Woodburn, IN

    Excellent care. I am terrified of needles and receive steroid injections to my left lower back. The staff has always eased my fears during treatments. I feel comfortable when talking about my personal health issues with my P.A. Fort Wayne Physical Medicine has helped me with my pain control in a safe and healthy manner.

  • 46 year old male, Fort Wayne, IN

    Dr. Reecer has been my doctor for going on 5 years. Great doctor and nurses.

  • 49 year old female, Decatur, IN

    I have been seeing Dr. Reecer and staff for several years. They always treat me with respect and are always willing to work with me.

  • 58 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    The Doctor is very attentive and spends time with the patient explaining everything.

  • 52 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    BioTE Patient:  I get a tremendous amount of relief from hot flashes with the all natural hormone replacement therapy. In turn, I get better sleep. 

  • 52 year old female, Leo, IN

    Dr. Reecer was able to treat me and get my pain under control, without surgery! So grateful! Awesome Doctor!

  • Nurse Case Manager, Indianapolis, IN

    Awesome Doctor, Awesome staff!

  • 60 year old male, Angola, IN

    Dr. Reecer is doing a great job!

  • 69 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I appreciate the professionalism of the entire staff at FWPM. They are quick to respond to my pain issues, first to determine the source and then to facilitate the measures to address the pain. They are very caring and supportive through "episodes".

  • 68 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    Julie is an excellent PA. She is knowledgable, friendly and caring. She has helped identify my continuing pain and reassure me.

    Also, the office staff goes out of their way to accomodate my needs.

  • 65 year old male, Fort Wayne, IN

    I have had back issues for over 30 years and tried all kinds of therapy and treatments. I wanted to avoid surgery. Dr. Reecer has done more for me over the past couple of months than any treatment in the past. He has been a blessing, and my pain is now manageable. 

  • Work Comp - Nurse Case Manager

    The office is very professional and friendly. Scheduling is fast and easy. I never have to wait in the waiting room. Dr Reecer does a fantastic job with his patients. He takes the time to explain the problem and treatment.

  • 62 year old female, Wabash, IN

    Have always been treated with the utmost respect and help. The treatment has been most helpful over the years. Would highly recommend any and all services.

  • Female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I was treated with respect and found that my visits were handled very professionally each time at Fort Wayne Physical Medicine.

  • 57 year old male, Fort Wayne, IN

    At first, I was skeptical about this treatment. But my sexual performance and quality of sleep have improved after my first round of pellet insertion, so I am impressed. Thank you for recommending this therapy.

  • 69 year old male, Fort Wayne, IN

    What a change in my well-being! I have much improvement with my energy level, sex drive & performance, and my memory. I wish I had known about Dr. Reecer and BHRT years ago!

  • 39 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    Before my pellets, I was experiencing major fatigue, mood swings and loss of libido. I was hoping for a little more energy and possibly a higher sex drive. I was pleasantly surprised to have a major spike in my energy and libido. As a result, my overall happiness is something I never thought would be what it is today. I would recommend the pellets to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life!

  • 54 year old female, Greenfield, IN

    I’m currently in my second round of hormone replacement pellets. I feel like a new woman! My energy level has increased tremendously and my mind is more clear. I have been able to discontinue a 10-year anti-depressant medication. My sleep pattern has improved and I require less of it. I have lost 25 pounds and my libido is back. It has put a skip in my step. I will continue this therapy with much gladness. Thank you Dr. Reecer!

  • 53 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I wash my hands several times each day, so hormone creams were a concern to me. I also didn’t want to have to take a pill daily – so I was elated when I found out about this  pellet therapy. It’s so convenient – just one simple pellet insertion every 4 months allows me to sleep better, I no longer have hot flashes or night sweats and I have so much more energy. I’m thankful this therapy option is available in Fort Wayne now.

  • 51 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    After my pellets, I no longer have vicious cycles of waking up at 3:00am for 2 hours, taking an over the counter sleep medication, then being unable to get up in the morning. I wake up exactly when I want to get up now. And, because of this treatment, my marriage is much happier for both my husband and me!

  • 40 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I recently had a hysterectomy at the age of 40 and was put on estradiol. I am not a person who likes to take pills, so after researching the pellets, I decided to try it, and was not sure if I would return. After 3 months of sleeping through the night, more energy throughout the day, no hot flashes and an improved sex drive, I am here to receive my second round of BHRT.

  • 50 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I could tell a difference within a couple of weeks. It certainly has helped diminish my hot flashes and moodiness issues. I definitely have more energy and I can also tell when I am due for my next insertion.

  • 63 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    This has been very beneficial for me with energy, hot flashes and libido.

  • 43 year old female, Celina, OH

    I was experiencing fatigue and not sleeping well. I had very bad night sweats and hot flashes during the day. I knew I needed HRT. I tried pills and patches but nothing worked as well as the pellets. I am more than satisfied with the results. They are worth the drive (for me) from Ohio.

  • 51 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    Since starting the all-natural hormone replacement pellets, I sleep better and my mood is so much better. Before the pellets, my sex life was almost non-existent. My whole self-being has improved.

  • Pain Management Patient

    I am a very physical individual and my occupation requires me to be this way. I pinched a nerve in my spine and could not do anything to manage the severe pain. Dr. Reecer performed the first nerve block injection and I felt as if I could run laps around his building. I truly believe this is a wonderful alternative to surgery.

  • Pain Management Patient

    I have always been treated exceptionally well by the staff members, Julie and Dr. Reecer. Their brochures are informational and have helped me immensely.

  • Pain Management Patient

    Dr. Reecer and Julie are both great. They want to hear how you are feeling and work together on helping you feel better in any way that is best for you. They talk to you on your level and are good listeners. I was in so much pain and Dr. Reecer was able to pinpoint the cause. They are all very caring people.

  • Pain Management Patient

    Dr. Reecer makes me very comfortable about doing a procedure on me considering I have known him for many years. He is just the best!

  • Fort Wayne Attorney

    I have utilized Dr. Reecer to perform medical records reviews and independent medical examinations for me on numerous occasions. The reports are always prepared in a very professional and timely manner. More importantly, if requested, Dr. Reecer will provide expert testimony by way of deposition or at trial. He is always extremely well prepared and capably and convincingly supports any of his opinions with testimony that is easily understandable by a court or a jury. I highly recommend using Dr. Reecer to provide objective opinions, even if they do not come out favorably for my client.

  • Fort Wayne Attorney

    Dr. Mark Reecer has assisted me and my clients by reviewing cases and providing expert testimony. I have found his analysis of medical issues to be very helpful in assessing the nature and extent of injuries. I have also been quite impressed with his clear and thoughtful analysis of facts and issues when he has given expert trial testimony. I have been so impressed by Dr. Reecer’s abilities as a doctor, that I have referred friends and family members to him for medical treatment. I highly recommend him.

  • Fort Wayne Attorney

    I have engaged Mark Reecer, MD to conduct many independent medical examinations for my clients. I have always found him to be completely independent, thorough and fair. I appreciate that he does examinations for insurers, defense attorneys and lawyers representing injured people. He has always provided thorough and timely reports. He makes a very strong and believable witness in jury trials. Jurors have commented to me about his independence and believable testimony. I recommend him for independent medical examinations and give him a five star rating of excellence.

  • Fort Wayne Attorney

    Dr. Reecer is a fantastic doctor. He is extremely competent, has a superb resume and is easy to work with. He is the best doctor in town at explaining and articulating his opinions. I originally started using Dr. Reecer as an expert witness. I now trust him with my own medical care. I strongly recommend Dr. Reecer as both a treating physician and as an Independent Medical Examiner.

  • 52 year old male, Fort Wayne, IN

    I experienced muscle aches and had chronic pain in my left knee before my BHRT treatment. Plus, I never had more than 4 hours of sleep each night my entire adult life. After just one round of treatment, my muscle aches and knee pain have subsided. And, I sleep for 6 or more hours at night. I also have improved concentration during meetings at work and conversations. This was an unexpected benefit!

  • 65 year old male, Big Sky, Montana

    I was experiencing afternoon fatigue and not sleeping well. I had the lab work completed and was surprised that my testosterone level was low. So, I tried the pellets and now I have more energy throughout the day. I’m no longer tired in the afternoon and sleep well. The blood test is crucial. I would recommend anyone having my same symptoms find out where their levels are. If they are low, then this treatment will be worthwhile.

  • 41 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    The hormone pellets have given me my life back. I was suffering since the age of 16-35 with very painful endometriosis and fibroids. I went to many, many doctor appointments with unanswered questions and was told that a hysterectomy would be the ‘miracle’ treatment, but it wasn’t. I was 35 years old and thrown into total menopause and it was traumatic. I had joint pain, depression, moodiness, hot flashes, night sweats and many more symptoms. After the treatment, I have my life back! I am very happy, and so is my family.

  • 52 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I tried other natural hormone replacement therapy with no success. When I heard that Dr. Reecer was certified in BHRT, I was interested in trying this type of treatment. This treatment is dose-specific to what you actually need and continually releases the hormones into your bloodstream -- unlike the pills and creams.

    I was having difficulty sleeping and had no energy. After my blood work was reviewed, Dr. Reecer inserted the pellet and within 2 weeks I felt like a different person! I feel younger and more alive than I have in years. I am happier and sleeping better. My energy level is amazing and I have my creativity and imagination back.

    My family and friends have commented on the change in my attitude and appearance.

    I am thankful I found out about BHRT and will continue this treatment. And, I highly recommend Dr. Reecer to women and men who want to feel young and alive again!