What is Interventional Pain Management?

Along with medications, there are interventional techniques to block or manage pain.  These procedures require experience and proper patient selection to insure safety for the patient and maximize favorable outcomes.  

Fluoroscopy is critical in order to minimize risk and identify proper needle placement.  Procedures include:

  • cervical and lumbar epidurals
  • facet injections and ablations 
  • SI joint injections
  • discography

Indications for these procedures are based upon diagnostic studies, patient history, and physical examination findings. 

How can Dr. Reecer help me manage my pain?

Board Certification in the subspecialty of Pain Medicine confirms that a physician has extensive training and expertise in treating patients wtih complex pain.  Dr. Reecer has over 20 years of experience as a Physiatrist treating patients with Interventional Pain Management treatments and therapies.


  • 60 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    I am always treated kindly and with smiles. I very rarely have to wait to be taken to the exam room. Staff- Julie, Billie, Jenny P., Jenni R., and of course Dr Reecer are amazing! Staff in the past were just the same as above. I always get a call back same day. Office is relaxing and has current magazines! Julie always takes all the time with me I need, and remembers my family. She also explains medical issues completely, and again, answers all my questions with exceeding knowledge, and is very patient! Overall, this team is fantastic. I truly have zero complaints! From the moment I arrive to the moment I leave-only EXCELLENCE!!!

  • 68 year old female, Fort Wayne, IN

    The staff is friendly and sincere. Julie really listens and responds to my pain and concerns. Dr. Reecer is good at reducing my pain.

  • 62 year old female, Wabash, IN

    Very kind and considerate. Appointments are on time. Staff, Julie and Dr. Reecer are very compassionate. I have been seeing them for pain management services for almost seven years. I plan to continue with them for chronic issues due to a car crash. I certainly do not desire to change from them to any other M.D.  I believe they have provided me with the best possible treatment. Extremely knowledgable and current with meds and other treatments.

  • 52 year old female, Woodburn, IN

    Excellent care. I am terrified of needles and receive steroid injections to my left lower back. The staff has always eased my fears during treatments. I feel comfortable when talking about my personal health issues with my P.A. Fort Wayne Physical Medicine has helped me with my pain control in a safe and healthy manner.